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Experiments in Advisor Marketing

Apr 20, 2021

Do you want to look "over the shoulder" of some of the top financial advisors to see exactly what successful marketing looks like?

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Just successful advisory firms taking you behind the scenes and showing exactly what they're doing to reach & help more people.


Today I'm joined by the one and only Michael Kitces.

Yes, he's widely known for his nerdy financial planning skills...

...but he’s also a sneaky good marketer. 🤫

And today he’s joining us to dive into a marketing topic we don't talk about enough -- Client Acquisition Cost (CAC).

Specifically, we cover three BIG things in this episode:

  1. Why knowing your CAC is critical to marketing success + how to calculate it
  2. Where the Lifetime Client Value (LCV) metric fits into the equation
  3. What's working right now in advisor marketing, what isn't working, and why 

If you're a financial advisor who wants to make more informed decisions about how + where to spend your marketing dollars, this episode is for you.