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Experiments in Advisor Marketing

May 10, 2021

Today I’m sharing a recent conversation I had with Jay Coulter, host of the Resilient Advisor Show.

We expand on my recent interview with Michael Kitces and talk about three big things:

  1. What is a marketing funnel and how to create one
  2. Examples of marketing activities at each stage of the funnel
  3. What you can expect from the upcoming Kitces Digital Marketing Summit 

If you haven’t registered for the Kitces Marketing Summit, get on it!

The 4-hour event is this Thursday at 12pm EST, and it's followed by a community hour where we'll be joined by a special guest to help us unwind and let loose after a jam-packed day.

To learn more and register, head over to

And yes, the event is being recorded!

So if you can’t make it live, get registered and you’ll receive the replay + all of the resources and deliverables from the event shortly after it ends.

Lastly, if you haven’t checked out Jay’s live show and podcast for financial advisors, head over to He’s covered everything from how to market to CPAs, effective email marketing strategies, how to execute successful webinar campaigns, and more!

👉 Click here to access the show notes for this episode