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Experiments in Advisor Marketing

Jul 14, 2020

Jeremy Schneider grew his personal finance Instagram account to 80k+ followers in less than two years.‎

He didn't pay for followers.‎

He never played the "follow for follow" game.‎

And he doesn't outsource anything.‎

In this conversation, you'll learn 3 big things:‎

1.) How and why he uses "lead and lag" metrics to fuel his growth‎

2.) What his strategy is for hashtags + a pitfall to watch out for‎

3.) His advice for financial advisors looking to use Instagram to market and grow their firm‎

Jeremy also shares a FREE Instagram tool he coded himself + the exact spreadsheet he still uses to track his daily progress.‎

If you want to learn tips and tricks to grow your Instagram following the right way, you're going to love this episode.