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Experiments in Advisor Marketing

Jul 16, 2019

The one and only Matthew Jarvis joins me on the show today to talk about how financial advisors can use tax planning to market and grow their firms.

Matt has built a wildly successful advisory firm, generating seven figures in annual revenue while taking more than 200 days out of the office in 2018.

Spending half the year outside the office doesn't interest me, but I have been obsessed with Matt's story since he appeared on Michael Kitces' podcast. 

He has become a friend, coach, and mentor and I've learned through our time together that much of his success can be attributed to adding massive value to prospective and existing clients through tax planning.

In this episode, we discuss:

  1. Why there is a big opportunity to inject comprehensive tax planning into your business
  2. Strategies for using taxes to generate prospective clients
  3. How to articulate and add massive value to existing clients through tax planning
  4. How to work with tax preparers and CPA's without stepping on their toes and getting yourself in legal trouble

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